The virtual dental expo


An hybrid virtual space that combines the exhibition function of a fair with the real event essence.


Unlike all other industry events, the 3D Dental Show is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year! No time limits and it is accessible from anywhere in the world. 


The structure of the project is based on the principle of virtual reality. You can move around stands with your own avatar, interacting with the companies.

Constant evolution

The companies will constantly update their stands by proposing their news, webinars, in-depth seminars and virtual meetings with their opinion leaders. 

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Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne

Are you afraid for your savings? You are not all wrong!

«Better three hours early than a minute late».

Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne

Relationship with the pediatric orthodontics
patient in the digital age

Last years, how has communication with the patient changed?

Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne

The Digital Revolution in the Dental Practice  #scanplanmakedone

The 4 fundamental steps of the digital dentistry workflow.